28/365 : As Cold As It Looks

Yes... it is as cold as it looks in this picture! This is the top of my bedroom window at the time that I woke up this morning. Today's high was around 38 and right now it's hovering right at 32 outside and there is a chance of snow flurries tonight!

Tomorrow I think Andy and I are going to go back into Bolton for another double header movie day. Andy is going to the Everton v. Bolton match tomorrow night and since it doesn't start until 8:00pm we figured we could just spend the day in Bolton. Then he can take the train to the stadium and I can just come back home. It will be the first time taking the train home by myself.. maybe there will be another fight and this time I can get a picture of it! : )

I am going to start carrying my shoulder bag when we go out from now on. This way I have a place to keep my scarf and gloves when we are not outside. I so do not like having to carry them around with me once I get inside somewhere so this way I will have a place to put them. Now I'm starting to realize why I see so many canvas bags on the train... it's to keep those very items in!

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