Checking In...

Just thought I would do a quick check in... Nothing much going on to be honest.  It was rough going back to work on Monday after having two relaxing weeks off.  Andy and I didn't have anything planned but to just workout, relax and watch football.  Which is exactly what we did for two whole weeks... it was bliss.

Then Monday hit and it was back to work.  Oh well... it was great while it lasted!

Our next time off is scheduled in August.  We will be celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on August 11th and we will be celebrating it in.... (drum roll please).... Rome!  Can not wait for this trip, it is going to be a blast!  We were in Paris in May and that was a great 4 days but we have a whole week in Rome and it is going to be awesome!  I think we may take the train for a day trip to Florence and Pisa also.

Since I was MIA from my blog in May when we went to Paris I'll post a link to the photos from our trip.

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