17/365 : Goodbye Liam

It's a sad day on Coronation Street... Poor Liam... Hit and run... Dead on impact... Will Corrie ever be the same? Who am I going to look at now?

And look at Tony on top of him trying to act as though he is not the one that paid the driver to run Liam over! Come on buddy.. you don't have me fooled with your cute little Scottish accent. Pah - lease! Hopefully everybody will figure out his game very soon... and I don't think I would want to cross Carla when she's in a bad mood!

They have been building up to this moment for quite a while now it's just honestly sad to see him go, Liam was always there for his cute looks and funny comments. Okay enough of Corrie...

Today started out pretty cold and rainy and then the sun did come out just long enough for Andy to go on his walk around the park and then down to the shops for things we needed. I had him pick me up some Decaf PG Tips tea as I am starting to get a feeling that is part of the reason I am having trouble sleeping at night. We will see if this helps.

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snowelf said...

Hi Christine :)

I found your blog because I was helping a friend of mine redo hers and you were the genius who figured out the links. Thank you so much. I still can't figure out how to do the archives, but I at least got the rest of everything else figured out that I got stuck on.

Ironically--and if you get a chance to stop by my blog, (although I apologize, as it's also going to get a face lift today as I was trying something and it ended up like a cheesy myspace template. barf) you'll realize why this is so not surprising--I also have a friend that moved to England a year ago with her husband and she writes about how different it is and how she is adjusting to England as well.

I wish you the best always and thanks again!! :)


Meg said...

I have been forbidden to watch Coronation Street in the flat, hehe. At least while Matt is around. Plus, I don't know if I can get as into it as I did with Days of Our Lives. Hehe.

Glad Andy made his walk. :-P