27/365 : Double Header

Andy and I went to the cinema today and we decided to go see two movies back to back!

We took the train into Bolton and right outside the train station is a small bus station. I had previously planned out our trip online and knew the bus we needed and that it should be at that interchange about 10 minutes after we get off the train... we waited... and waited... and waited... but it never came. So we decided to just grab a taxi. The cinema is right at 2.3 miles away from the train station. We got in the taxi and it automatically started out at £2.00 and by the time we got to the theatre it was £6.00! Wow that was expensive, we will not be doing that again.

The first movie was Eagle Eye and it started at 12:15pm, well it actually started at around 12:35 after the commercials and previews. I hate that they show commericals before movies now but I have to say I love previews and I hate when I miss them. To be honest I did feel a little 'twinge' like I had to use the bathroom when the previews started, Andy told me to go and I told him no I can hold it I don't want to miss the previews. Boy did that pay off.... They not only showed a short preview for the new Star Trek movie that will be coming out in 2009 I also got to see the Twilight preview!!! When I saw Twilight come on I litterly gasped and threw my hands out in front of me. I am SO glad I did not go to the bathroom. I thought Eagle Eye was very good and when it was over we had about 10 minutes to use the bathroom and stretch our legs.

The second movie was The Rocker and it started at 2:45pm. This movie was on Screen #15 and at first we could not find it so we had to ask the little ticket guy. He pointed us in the right direction and after some weaving in and out of hallways we opened the doors to the Holy Land! Yes folks you read that right... Screen #15 was the best movie experience I have ever had... We walked in and the seats were fancy recliners. You had a full row in front of you clear to put your legs and there was a foot rest in front of every seat to put your legs up on. This was being in the First Class section of movie watching. After every two seats there was a little side table for you to put your purse or drink. I would have taken a picture of this room but was afraid they would try to take my camera if I was caught with it since it can also be used as a video camera. But the next time I see a movie in this wonderful room I will find a way to sneak a photo!

The Rocker was very funny! It ended at around 4:40pm and instead of taking the bus back to the train station we decided to walk. There is a large craft store that I had found out about the other day and it is just about 1/2 way between the cinema and the station. So off we walked..

We found the craft store no problem but it appears I am going to need to find a cheaper place to buy my craft items, probably online! When I need some DMC Floss for cross stitch it is nice to know where I can go over and buy some but for my large purchase items like cross stitch charts and even yarn will need to be purchased somewhere else. The prices were outrageous! So needless to say nothing was purchased and we continued our walk to the train station. It didn't even feel like we walked 2.3 miles once we arrived, although it was pretty cold out.

While we were on the train back to Westhoughton I heard a woman's voice getting louder and I could hear her saying something about money being stolen and I thought she was on her mobile phone because I never heard anyone talking back to her. Well... just before our stop I saw up ahead of us this woman sitting up in her seat. Then all of a sudden she started hitting at this older man behind her. The older man was trying to hold her off and kept saying 'I never took your 70 pounds you never gave it to me'! Then a man sitting on the other side of the train got up and was pulling them off of each other saying 'break it up you two' and then the train came to our stop. The older man kept saying he never took anything and got off at our stop. He ran up to the street before I could see which way he went but the girl stayed on the train. It happened all too fast but trust me if I could have gotten a picture of this event it would have been the photo for the day! Andy just laughed and said that wouldn't have made the situation any better but I think it would have been worth it to get a picture. : )

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