5/365 : I'm Sorry Donald...

We went into Atherton tonight for a Chinese meal. It was great! For £10 you get the following:

Your choice of soup
The table gets the choice of 4 starters out of about 10 to pick from
Duck w/ Pancakes
Your pick of Main Dishes... and there were tons to pick from. Then when you are done with your main dish if you want more it is all you can eat so you just pick another!

It is much better than a buffet style as they cook your food to order. They will just keep bringing more out as long as you eat what you have already asked for. It's a great way to try new things as you can share with others. I have never had duck before and I have to say it was rather tasty. : ) I hope it wasn't a close relation to Donald....

Here is all who went:
Myself & Andy
Tracey - Andy's Sister
James - Tracey's Husband
Neil - A friend of James' who we had met when we went to Greece in Sept '07 for James and Tracey's wedding
Martin - A friend of James' who we met for the first time tonight

Oh... and it's great for James as he is a vegetarian and they have a full menu for him to pick from! It was a great night out and I can see ourselves spending quite a bit of time in The Red Chilli!


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