44/365 : Wii Fit

I have never laughed SO hard! Tonight Andy's dad got out his Wii Fit to show us a few of the games on it and I think I got more of a workout laughing.

The picture above is while he was doing the ski jump. This was the 'down the hill' pose. Once he was ready to jump the legs went straight and his arms went up in the air.

Now below I have posted a video of him doing the hula hoop on Wii Fit. This is where the true laughter comes in. I must ask that before you watch this video that you do the following:

1) Turn your volume down because as hard as I tried I could not stop laughing and with my
current cough added in .. it's very loud!
2) Make sure that you are not drinking as the outburst of laughter may make you spit it out
3) Enjoy!

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