46/365 : IKEA

My father-in-law drove us to IKEA today so that Andy and I could have a look around. We are starting to look for our own place and when we finally get one we will need to fill it up. The only furniture that is coming over in our shipment from the US is a TV Armoire and my glass curio cabinet, both of which I love and could not part with. They are currently somewhere between Houston TX and Felixstowe UK with about 25 more boxes of our belongings. Hopefully they are all still in one piece. They should port sometime around November 23rd and they will actually get to us around a week or two after that.

It was quite funny to see all of the people in the parking lot trying to stuff over sized items into their tiny cars. Unfortunately IKEA does not have free shipping online which is probably why they were trying to stuff.

I forgot how big these stores are! Seemed like we were walking around forever. In the end I came out with quite a few good ideas that I will look more into once we finally find a place. The only thing I actually purchased today was a pretty nice Wok for £2.99. Can't beat that! Having never owned a Wok before Andy asked if this means he can expect a wonderful stir-fry when he gets home from work on Monday. I told him I'll think about it. : )

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Herself said...

hi, I got your link from the btemplate site, just thought to check it out coz I got some prob with installing the template, it's a great template, loving it hehe
oh wow so this is your first year in england? i moved here about 6 months ago, still familiarizing myself hehehe.

ceelynn said...

oh how I love IKEA. We dont have one here in Denver (or anywhere close!)
Very good observation about getting large boxes in small cars! Something I never thought about...
Have fun with the wok-ing!

Kate said...

Yay Ikea! I can't believe you only left with a wok!