60/365 : The Fog

The battery in my camera died this morning and everything we own seems to be in plastic shopping bags and for the life of me I can not find the charger yet so this was taken with my mobile phone.

Andy and I walked up to the Council offices to sort our our Council Tax only to find that they were not open on Saturdays. Oh well. The fog was quite dense all day today and it seemed to make everything look beautiful, I love this weather!

We went to IKEA today to pick up a few things. We have an IKEA order being delivered on Tuesday but I have decided to get some more drawers for the bedroom so we needed to get those ourselves since the online order has already been placed. I fell in love with a coffee table and matching side table but everything would not fit into our little car. We ended up getting the bedroom drawers the little side table and tomorrow we are going back for the coffee table. I love IKEA.

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