68/365 : Rethinking My Love For IKEA

I still feel like crap today but have forced myself to get some more stuff done around the house. Since we have had to pretty much buy all of our furniture and I picked out the pieces from IKEA it means that there is a lot to put together.

And I mean a lot. . .

I have put together two long drawers that you see on the right, three of the tall shelving units in the middle, two of the wardrobes on the left and two bedside tables.

I am sick to death of putting this stuff together but thankfully they are all done. I will be eventually ordering some bookshelves for the second bedroom but I think I may hold off for a little while, I can't take putting any more of this stuff together right now.

The basket on top of the wardrobe in the picture is for the cats. They all love laying in baskets and they love to be as high as they can. I was scared that the basket may slide around on the top so I screwed it in to the top of the wardrobe! Nobody sees up there anyway so the two little screw holes wont bother me and they will be happy to have this place to sleep.

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John said...

Thanks for the pictures.
Looks like a new house and one I would be happy with.