83/365 : How I Love Thee

Look at what I found at Asda tonight! They only had six of them so I bought them all. "They are mine... all mine..." (insert wicked laugh here)

Asda was a nightmare, a true mad house! We are having Christmas dinner with Andy's parents but on Boxing Day I am going to cook our own meal so we needed to get all of the bits and pieces. It was so busy but I am glad we got it out of the way.

After we got back I ran over to my in-laws to check to see if a package of mine arrived today and as I was turning around to lock the door behind me I forgot that they have a step and I fell and twisted my ankle! I fell flat on my face, skinned my knee and both palms. But I guess it could have been worse, I was about two inches from one of the spikes on their metal gate, so I should be grateful!

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Meg said...

Sis-in-law's friend fell down her gravel drive and broke her ankle. Since then, she's had 3-4 surgeries on it and has lost tendon and muscle tissue. It was a bit of a freak accident that no one expected to be as bad -- so I'm glad you're okay (for the most part).

Hope you and Andy have a yummy dinner!

Shes Not From Yorkshire said...

nice one--- !! love the pic!
Have you noticed that oreos are also being sold finally on tesco shelves! Score!
Us gals at Shes not from Yorkshire are always raving about that one...

Rob and Aimee said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear bout your ankle. Hope its all better now.

If it makes you feel any better...I tripped over a flatbed push cart sitting out in the hallway at work the week before Christmas, right in front of the atrium where they were having a holiday dinner for emeritus faculty. Fell flat on the ground. I'm not sure if my shin or ego hurt worse...though the bruise and scab have lasted much longer! lol!