104/365 : Bad Luck

I am assuming since it is now January 12th and these are still wrapped around my stairwell banister it means that I will have bad luck in 2009. Oh well! They are used more now for a) A night light with a nice glow and b) A deterrent for the cats not to climb on the banister. If that means I will have bad luck for not having them down 12 days after Christmas... then bring on the bad luck!

Sorry for the poor quality photo. I am still not feeling that well today and really had no other photo opportunity come my way. I have still not gotten used to taken photos without the flash and they always end up blurry. When I have more time I will have to read up on how to achieve a better quality photo under these conditions.

In case you are still wondering the unpacked bookshelf is still in the walkway between our bedroom and the spare room. At this point it will probably be there for some time. I had planned on finishing it all up this Saturday but I have agreed to a shift swap to help out another co-worker. It means I only get Sunday off this week but he will be working my Saturday on February 14th (Valentine's Day)... and since I have the 13th off also it means I have a three day weekend. Woo Hoo! Andy was also able to get that Friday off so we each have three days to do with as we please. I think we are going to plan a long weekend somewhere... we just don't know where yet.

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Rob and Aimee said...

I could probably tell you better if I could see your exif data (ISO, aperture, shutter speed), but generally to get better photos in low light w/ no flash:

Use M (manual) setting

Raise your ISO to 400 or 800 if you can, though the higher the number, the grainier your photos may look depending on the camera. This lets in more light.

Lower your f-number (wider aperture=also lets in more light, but decreases depth of field.) It appears to me from your photo that your f-number was probably pretty low because there is blur in front of and behind your focal point (the red/pink light on the right). If you want to get the entire image in focus, you'll need a higher f-number (f7.1 or f8), but will have to have a much slower shutter speed than what I have indicated next.

Decrease shutter speed to around 1/25 or 1/10, or slower until you get the right exposure.

Use that gorilla pod! I bet that thing rocks! And much easier than lugging around a tripod. :) With that slow of shutter speed, you cannot avoid handshake, so the gorilla or tripod is a necessity.

all that said...I think it's a pretty nice picture. It looks a little yellow, so you could play w/ the white balance settings too.

Shooting in low light is probably my biggest problem at this point (well, ONE of them anyway)...so, I'm not trying to sound know-it-allish; just passing on what i've read/learned/tried to practice myself. Hope I've helped a little. :)