106/365 : How Many?!?!

This is one blog post that I will need to keep away from Andy! He will die when he sees this picture. I can imagine him saying something to the effect of "You can not buy any more until at least 50% of that is used". Boys. They just do not understand a woman and her crafts.

I unpacked my last craft box and thought it would be fun to line all of my wool up to see how many I had altogether. The final count? 110! Wow.

But I love my wool SO much. In the states there is the most wonderful craft shop... Hobby Lobby. Oh how I miss you Hobby Lobby.

Every Sunday they would release their weekly specials and it always included around 15 different brands of wool ranging in price from .99 to like $1.99 a skein. I would say about 98% were purchased from these sales. My favourite (2nd row from bottom on left) is regularly priced at $6.29 for one and I got them for only .99 a piece! What a steal. I remember checking the sales every Sunday until that very brand was included. Then my mom and I had to drive to like three different Hobby Lobby stores to get enough of it (I love scarves and I love them to be really long).

The row of Yarn Bee Mosaic at the very top (three different colours) took us going to four different stores. But on that day Andy was with us and he was not too pleased with having to ride all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area looking for them. But it was very worth it in the end (at least for me).

The bottom row are ones that I have actually bought since I moved here. There is a little craft store located in the Bolton Market and I picked them up last time we walked thru there. So far I have been to that little shop and another larger shop called HobbyCraft but to be honest neither store is anything like Hobby Lobby. I found the wool at HobbyCraft to be very over priced and there is just not as large a selection. But at least I have enough to get me thru for now... by the time I use this up there may be a better wool store I can go to.

But if not then I have plenty of cross stich, scrapbooking, needlepoint, etc.. to keep me busy!

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Elynor said...

Heee - I think I will show this to my husband, to prove I am not that bad!...yet...

I loved Hobby Lobby too!

Anonymous said...

Andy would say exactly those words!

Meg said...

That is AWESOME -- and you are my craft hero...well, you and Elynor! Haha.

I'm really missing all my scrapbooking things. I haven't done any since I've been here and I'm going MAD about it.