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So what has Christine been busy doing lately? Well here is your answer. My Life in the UK Test is scheduled for this Saturday January 31st at 1:30pm. I am SO very frightened.

Only 4% of American fail this test, I have a feeling I will be a part of that percentage.

There are just so many little things that I know they are going ask and I can't seem to keep all of the numbers straight in my head. 84%, two-thirds, one half, three quarters, etc... *ugh*

Some of you that know a little about the Immigration process may be asking why I am taking the test so soon after arriving in the UK, well here are the reasons.

I am currently here on a Spousal Visa that will expire in December 2010. Normally somebody that is here on this type of Visa must wait a full two years after arriving to go for the next Visa which is called Indefinite Leave to Remain. In those two years you are required to keep bills, letters, bank statements, etc.. showing that you and your spouse have been living together in a marriage.

Since Andy and I have been married for over four years (in fact over eight) we 'proved' our relationship while in the US when I applied for my Spousal Visa. So my Visa has a special notation on it which means all I need to do in order to go for the Indefinite Leave to Remain is to take and pass The Life in the UK test and I can then immediately apply rather then having to wait the normal two years.

Why go ahead now? Well...

Fees are normally raised in April of every year and seeing as how the price is already £750 ($1071) for postal applications and £950 ($1357) for in person applications there is no way I want to have to spend even more money on this. Oh and we do plan on doing an in person application because I want to get this over with and do not fancy sending my Passport into the Home Office and wait the nearly 14-16 weeks to find out if I have been approved.

Also right now there is quite a bit of immigration chit chat going on that there are a lot of changes in the works and one of those changes is that they may be doing away with the Indefinite Leave Visa and I want to make sure to get it now since I qualify so that any changes later will not apply to me as I will already have it and hopefully any changes to the next step of Citizenship I can be grandfathered in.

So... long boring post but this is what I have been trying to study for and hopefully I pass on the first go. It is something like £34 for the test and if I fail it just means I have to try again later and it will be yet another £34 each time. *ugh*

Everybody, please wish me luck and be thinking of me at 1:30pm GMT on Saturday!

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Meg said...

Good luck tomorrow!! I know you'll kick ass and take names.

I'll be trying to take my test by the summer so it's taken and out of the way. :-)

FutureMrsC said...

Good luck, Christine! Let us know how the test goes! :)

And I'm totally confused with the immigration changes. I'm just too focused on getting married and actually GETTING to England first...lol. Wonder if I'll be able to take the test early as well? I mean, I AM having some mail sent to Ian's house already.....