93/365 : You Have Arrived...

at your destination.

Andy's parents gave us some money for Christmas and told us to buy something that we really wanted with it... i.e. don't spend it on bills or anything silly like that. Mission accomplished.

Andy and I used our first Sat Nav when we were driving from Fort Worth, TX to Chicago, IL when we were moving to the UK (our flight was out of Chicago and believe it or not saved us a ton of money doing it that way). Then when we landed in Manchester we had made sure that our rental car was equipped with one so that we could easily find our way from the airport to his parent's house. Since Andy grew up in the Bootle (Liverpool), this area of the UK is as foreign to him as it is to me.

We pretty much know our way around to the most important places such as work and into the main area of Bolton when we want to do some shopping but beyond that we have mostly been using MapQuest. Which is a lot of help but we tend to think we can just reverse the directions to get back but it never seems to be the case as there are so many one way roads over here we end up getting lost or just going in circles somehow.

It also does not help that the roads are not so clearly marked as most signs are posted on the side of the houses and you need to be pretty much right on them to see where you are. Also since it is getting dark so early if we go anywhere after work it is already very dark and you can not see the signs anyway.

So... since we have been wanting one of these little guys for so long (as the two we used before were awesome) we decided it would be the perfect gift to us.

We LOVE it!

People usually have a love / hate relationship when it comes to Sat Navs but you can put Andy and I on the love side. This little guy is going to be our best friend and will be going everywhere with us, even if we know the way or not. This is a fancy version that has a SIM card in it so not only will it tell you directions but it is constantly downloading traffic information so if there is an accident or traffic on your route it will alert you and find an alternate route. It also has a Google search feature so if you are out you can pretty much search for anything you may want to go to... it will direct you there, give you the details of the place and a phone number.

Oh... and it has bluetooth so both of our phones are linked up to it so if we get a call it becomes a handsfree device and there is no need to touch your mobile at all. Also if you get a text it will display the text and read it to you over the Sat Nav... awesome!

Anyway... this was my commercial for TomTom, thank you for listening! : )

Here is to never being lost again...

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John said...

I have a Tom Tom also and I have a love/hate relationship with it.
Remember to not leave it in the "motor" because thieves wont think twice about breaking the window to get to it.
Now you get to choose whos voice you want ot listen to for directions. I just swiched to an English male from an American female. My wife doesn't like having another female giving directions to me in the car. So she makes me turn it off.
Jim, the scouse

Meg said...

Sounds awesome! Matt's been using his dad's SatNav to get me to my supply posts at random schools in Birmingham each day. My favorite was when it told us to go straight and it was a no entry road.

Also, once in the car I made everyone piss themselves laughing when I mimicked the voice and said "Please mind the cow!" :-P

Brianne said...

Awesome! I've borrowed my brother's before and it was quite handy and very user friendly. Enjoy it!

Rob and Aimee said...

Happy New Year & Congrats on the TomTom. My brother-in-law bought one recently and also likes it very much.

The last sentence in the third paragraph made me say in my head:

"Look kids, Big Ben!"