97/365 : Passing The Time

This is the 2009 calendar that I bought the other day when Andy and I were in Bolton. I just love getting the new calendars 1/2 off if you just wait until right before the new year.

I always go for the interactive calendars as it makes me feel a little creative while I am at work. This year I went with the above choice. Everyday you have a new cut out creation to make. It is starting me off easy with basic snowflake cut outs and then later it moves on to the more difficult folds and cuts. I am sure there will be plenty of these cute little cut outs used for future photos.

Andy picked a Dilbert calendar which means I really get two as I will make him keep each page of his so I get to read a cartoon and make a cute little cut out with mine. Double score!

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Brianne said...

That's really cute! Does it include the papers to cut with too?

UK Christine =^..^= said...

Yep.. if you make the picture big you can see it. That date is what you use to fold and cut. So tomorrow when I go in I will have yesterdays to make. :)

Meg said...

I'm so jealous of your calendar!! As if I need ONE MORE reason to be distracted from what I SHOULD be doing though...HA!