148/365 : Only Five Minutes Ago...

It was so very sunny out... I promise!

Andy had to stay home from work again today because he is still feeling ill but he had to pick me up at 4:00pm when my shift finished. All day it had been overcast but at around 2:30 or so the sun put in an appearance. We were both talking about how bright it was on the way home.

Today was trash collection day so when we got home I wheeled our empty bin around to the back of the house, walked inside and got my camera out of my bag.

I opened up the kitchen door to take a picture of the clear blue sunny sky and this is what it looked like. I have no idea what happened in five minutes but the clouds had moved in and the sun had vanished. Not that I am complaining... I prefer the overcast skies, the sun can stay away!

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Meg said...

Boo! Don't banish the sun!! :-(