156/365 : I Look At All The Lonely People...

Well... today was the day. Long story short, I got my Indefinite Leave to Remain Visa! I followed all of the guidelines and had all of the paperwork that they asked for. Bank statements, bills in both of our names, lease agreement, etc... and what did they ask to see?

1) My passport and Andy's passport
2) My certificate that shows I passed the Life in the UK test
3) £950.00

They never asked for ANY of the supporting documents that they said they require.

There was a little hic-up at the start with them trying to tell me that I already had Indefinite Leave to Remain. So I had to explain that my current Visa was in fact only a Spousal Visa but it look different because we have been married for more then four years. We had to wait while the lady called her supervisor. Then we got called to another window for the actual interview part. She took my passport and my new passport photos and told us it would be an hour for the Visa to be issued and that was it. We waited and they called me back up to collect my Passport.

I am now allowed to live in the United Kingdom for as long as I wish! Now there is some noise going around that they are going to try to force citizenship but I planned on getting that anyway when I am eligible so that is not a big issue. I am just glad my last Visa is sorted and now I do not have to worry about it any more.

So... after that was over Andy and I went on a little Beatles sightseeing tour of our own. We went down Mathew Street to see the new Beatles Hotel and of course the Cavern Club.

Then we drove to a little town called Woolton, it is just south of down town Liverpool. We went to St. Peter's Chuch, Strawberry Field and down Penny Lane.

The above picture is of one of the gravestones at St. Peter's Church and is one of the speculation stories about where Paul McCartney came up with the name Eleanor Rigby. Paul and John actually met at this Church's Hall and they spent quite a bit of time here.

It was also a lot of fun to go see the gates to Strawberry Field. It drives me crazy that so many people have written all of them but I guess you can not stop people from being stupid.

I took quite a few pictures of our little drive around today so if you would like to tak a look you can go see them here.. you do not have to be a Beatles fan to enjoy!

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Meg said...

Yay! Congrats on getting your "I'm not goin anywhere" visa!! I hope I will still have the chance by October next year!!

It amazes me that they ask for so much info and then don't actually look at it. *sigh*

John said...

Thanks for the tour, pictures. I didn't see a picture of my birthplace. lol.
I get to see Mathew Street on the live webcam. And, I use to work in an office on Victoria Street which is around the corner.

snowelf said...

Oh how fun! And congrats on your right to stay and frolick in the UK :)


Elynor said...

Congratulations!!! (and I'm a teeny wee bit jealous)