158/365 : Nova

This is a needlepoint project that I have been working on for a couple of years. It is called Nova and it is made up of 396 different squares. When looking at it completed the colours blend and fade from light to dark.

There are 22 rows down and 18 rows across. The white square above (which is not completed yet) is on row 16. So including this unfinished row I only have 7 left! I would normally complete a new square here and there but lately I have been working on it more and more. It will be a beautiful piece once completed and I am excited to get it mated, framed and hung on the wall.

None of the 396 squares are the same. They do use the same stitches on some of them but the colours are different so none are the exact same.

Now I am off to work on it a bit more !

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Helen said...

That's really pretty! I have one completed needlepoint project (a replica of a Clementine Hunter painting) that I've never done anything with; also a one-third finished project of hydrangeas that I can't wait to get back to! It's exciting when you're nearly finished, isn't it?

Elynor said...

Wow, I would not have the attention span for that! Very cool.