183/365 : Stop Saying It Already!

I have come to loath two little words. On their own they are fine words with no special importance. But put them together and it is like fingernails on a chalk board for me.

Credit Crunch


I hate hearing it on the radio, I hate reading it in the newspaper, I hate seeing it on the news and the last thing I need is for even more junk mail to be put thru my mail slot trying to get me to buy their pizza by saying they are having a C____ C____ Special Meal Deal (sorry could not bring myself to type the words again).

On another note. What is up with the girls in this picture? I mean first of all if I was the girl in the middle I would tell the girl on the left to get the heck away from me, why would she want this chick's pizza to end up in her hair? I would also tell the girl on the right to get her own piece of pizza and to step off mine... although there is plenty to share, check out the size of that slice!

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Meg said...

Are you sure this wasn't the cover of a special video...? *gasp* Christine!!

Rob and Aimee said...

LOL! I couldn't see the words in the thumbnail post on FB, but thought it looked pretty raunchy. The full scale image confirmed my initial thoughts!

I guess if sex sells beer, it'll sell some pizza too. If not, maybe the C___ C___ scare will! hehe!