185/365 : Can You See Them?

When we are driving home from Middlebrook (shopping area) we go down this back road that has a little lake. There are always these beautiful swans in or around the water. Well today I had my camera out and ready... but it turns out I am still not fast enough.

There always seems to be a car behind us so Andy can not slow down and today the trees came up fast. But... if you look you can see a part of one of them.

We have found out that the last date/time that current season ticket holders can buy tickets is this Sunday at 1:00pm. So here is our plan for Sunday:

Andy, his Mom and I are going to drive over and take a tour around Andy's Dad's ship that is docked in Liverpool.

Andy's dad is going to drive us to the grounds for the Everton v. Wigan match.

We are then going to go out for an Indian meal.

Then... Andy, his Mom and I are going to drive back by Goodison Park. If there are already people waiting in line then I am going to stay there and he is going to bring his mom back to Westhoughton and then come back to wait with me. If there is not a large line then we will both take her back and then go wait together.

Whichever it is... we will be in for a long night! The tickets that are left go on sale at 8:00am Monday morning. I work 1:30-9:30 and Andy's boss let him work those hours also so that we could go together. Hopefully if we are toward the front of the line we can get done pretty early and come home for a couple hours of sleep before work. If not we will probably die at work but it will have been worth it! Very worth it!

The only thing that might save us hours after hours of waiting outside in the cold is that they did not just put them on general sale. In order to get a ticket on Monday at 8:00am you need to have at least 4 home match tickets that have been purchased under your customer number. Andy and I each have 7 home match tickets and 2 away so that is why we qualify to have a first go on Monday instead of waiting until later in the week... which is good because I do not think there will be tickets left after Monday!

Based on some of the chatter on the Everton message boards a lot of people either buy their tickets thru other channels and or friends buy them on their own customer number, etc... And it appears that the fan centre is making no exceptions to this rule which is good. We have a much better shot.

The only problem is that there are probably only around 2,000 tickets left. Still worth waiting all night if needed!

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