189/365 : Rollin' By

I took this while waiting for my bus today. When I walked out of the house (which is only about a block from the bus stop) it looked like a really bright sunny day.

As I sat down waiting this dark cloud seemed to appear out of nowhere. You can still see the bright blue sky toward the bottom just in front. It was very odd.

When the bus came we all headed on our way and then it started hailing for about 3 minutes and then stopped and appeared all sunny again.

I am starting to get really excited about my upcoming time off from work. Our last day is this Thursday the 9th of April and we do not have to be back until Tuesday the 21st of April. That is 11 days off in a row... exciting times! 11 days off for the price of 4 vacation days! Since this is Easter weekend that is 4 days off, then next week would have been my Saturday week which means I have a day off in lieu and then a friend at work is working my Saturday because I worked his last week. Can't beat it!

We have managed to plan some cool things to do during part of the time and then there are also going to be some just lay back and relax days which are much needed!

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Meg said...

What an ominous looking cloud! That is like some days when it's all bright and sunny when I walk out of school...and then by the time I get home, there's a big, dark cloud over JUST Dudley.

I know you like your sun-blockers though. ;-)