210/365 : Solo Drive

I am on lates this week so instead of taking the bus I put my driving practice into operation. I drove Andy into work this morning and then... I was off back home by myself. This was the first time I have driven alone in a car in about seven months.

I do have to say that I did not have to chant 'Left, Left, Left' as much as I thought I would. I did however find myself worrying about the speed limit the most. There are speed cameras everywhere and having one of them take my picture speeding was not how I wanted to start my UK driving experience.

I took this picture with my phone just after I turned off the car when I had arrived back home... safe and sound!

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ceelynn said...

Good for you!! This is what I fear the most.. I will remember the "left left left" chant :)

The New Mrs. C said...

I'm going to start driving here soon because if I want a job, I need to drive.

But do you have your provisional license? And can you drive on your own with that or are you using your US license? Juuussttt curious because I need to know what to do about driving.