231/365 : The Doctor Is In

There is a billboard across the street from where we live and it has become one of the first things I look out when I leave the house. They tend to update it about every two weeks and it is always a guessing game over what will be put up next. I was disappointed last month as they reused a Tesco Mobile one that had been used a few months ago. Boo!

I was surprised when we left to take Andy to work this morning to find House staring me down. I think my mom and sister would love to have this to look at everyday... they really like this show.

High: 54°
Low: 45°
Forecast: Periods of Rain
Sunrise: 5:03 AM
Sunset: 9:11 PM

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Kim said...

I think that would have scared the hell out of me if I saw that when I walked out of my house! He looks possessed!

geeta said...

I would love it too...Hugh Laurie is ace!