233/365 : Oscar Meyer Has A Name...

For normal American hot dogs... but not for these sub par English ones.

Really? Hot Dogs in a can?

I am making some baked beans in the slow cooker so I asked Andy to pick me up some hot dogs so that I can cut them up in the beans and this is what he brought home.

Again I ask.. Really?

For those of you in the US you will know what I am speaking about... Hot Dogs are a way of life, here more of an after thought and in a can or jar! *ugh*

Here is how Hot Dogs should be packaged and should look.

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Kim said...

They do actually sell them in a pack similar to the Oscar Meyer kind. I forget what they're called, but they're actually quite nice. Look in the lunch meat section. Hot dogs in a can should be illegal. At least yours aren't the 'American Style' ones which is just blasphemy!