256/365 : Movie Day

We went to see two movies today, The Hangover and Terminator Salvation. Both were very enjoyable and I was quite surprised at how much I liked Terminator. The Hangover was quite funny also!

After they were over we ran by Tesco to pick up a few groceries for the week and then off we were back home to relax until Monday. I have some Sims 3 to catch up on!

I took this picture as we were driving home from Tesco. Andy takes this back road into Westhoughton and it is the tiniest road ever. I get scared when cars go passed on the other side.

High: 63°
Low: 50°
Forecast: Partly Cloudy
Sunrise: 4:41 AM
Sunset: 9:40 PM

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ceelynn said...

How long does it take to not close your eyes and cover your face when passing another car on a road like that? Thats what I have to do :)