280/365 : Almost Didn't Make It

It poured down rain off and on all day today. On our way home from work we were met with horrible traffic... as seen above.

So to try to get home a bit quicker Andy drove down a back way that goes thru an industrial area. We have driven this way before so thought nothing of it... except...

We have never driven this way after it rained all day and this is what we came up against.

Unfortunately there is only room for one car and there were cars behind us so we had to go for it. I wish I had switched over to video so that you could see our car trying to make it thru the rather deep water. And yes it may look deep but it was much deeper than it looks! The water was up to the top of the hood of the car, I was truly scared we were not going to make it. I couldn't even take a picture while we were in the water because I was too scared and was holding on to the side of the door.

After we got out of the water and up on the other side the hood of the car was smoking, obviously because water got into the engine.

Note to self... do not drive this way home after a day of heavy rain.

High: 62°
Low: 52°
Forecast: Periods of Heavy Rain
Sunrise: 4:51 AM
Sunset: 9:39 PM

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