284/365 : Bon Voyage!

Yesterday was the last day for one of the guys we work with and he left his car in the parking lot all night. Well... a couple of people got together today and decided to fill the entire car with balloons, wrap it in plastic wrap, add some colorful post-it notes and then more plastic wrap.

I think they did a pretty good job!

I mentioned earlier that I was moving to a new department at work... well today was my last day with my 'old' department. I will miss the people on my team a lot but I have to say I am really excited to make the transition. I love the work that I will be doing and I know I am going to be really happy. I am still on the same floor as where I was so it will be easy enough to go say hi to everybody I used to work with anyway.

Technically I am only in the new department on a seconded basis so it isn't a permanent move yet. However I have every reason to believe/hope that by the end of the year it will be official. Yay!

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