288/365 : Very American!

This is the most American thing I have seen since I moved here. Honestly!

As soon as I saw it driving by I mentioned it and even Andy said 'Now that is American!' Do you know how much this thing must cost them in petrol? Right now petrol is at around £1.01 a liter. That is $1.65 a liter and there are 4 liters in a gallon so it is $6.60 a gallon! That is crazy!

Some of the roads around here are not even big enough for this thing. Since we pulled out behind him I was able to get another picture of it from the back. A bit of an overkill I think.

Tonight was the opening night of the new Harry Potter movie, The Half-Blood Prince. For every other Harry Potter movie release Andy and I were at the midnight showing and it was the same for the release of the books. But honestly on the way home I checked on my iPhone and at 5:30 the 6:30 and the 7:30 showing was sold out and we just couldn't be bothered. We knew that if we headed over after dinner that we would end up not making it in until the 9:30 showing due to the line. We will just go this weekend... I must be getting old.

High: 64°
Low: 51°
Forecast: Sunny
Sunrise: 5:00 AM
Sunset: 9:32 PM

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ceelynn said...

This is just ridiculous in any country, if you ask me.. but esp in England. Are you kidding me? I still cover my eyes when we pass another normal sized cars on those narrow roads. Eek!
And you know what they say about men who feel like they have to show off their big toys...:)