312/365 : New Neighboor?

This orange truck has been hanging around for the last few weeks. I have a feeling somebody who works for 'Electric Center' must have moved in nearby. I honestly would not normally mind but he has started to also park in the small parking area next to our house. Last weekend he was right outside our kitchen/dining room window so it blocked the light coming in and it filled the room with bright orange color.

Also with the van being so big it takes up two spots for cars, which could pose some problems. Luckily this weekend he appears to have found a spot on the street to park.

Also, I have noticed that they usually spell 'Center' like this... 'Centre'. I wonder why the truck has it with the 'er' at the end?

High: 66°
Low: 54°
Forecast: Partly Sunny
Sunrise: 5:39 AM
Sunset: 8:51 PM

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