315/365 : Happy Anniversary To Us

Nine years ago today Andy and I were married. I loved him to bits that Friday afternoon and I love him even more on this Tuesday evening. Here is to many more years together... I love you Andy!

So... my important news from yesterday. The department that I have been working with has opened a few permanent positions. Since I was on a seconded basis I had to apply as anybody else would. Well... my interview was yesterday and I am very happy to report that I have been offered a permanent place! YAY!! I am so very excited that I get to stay because I am really happy where I am now.

Today has been a great day!

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Low: 58°
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sevans said...

Congratulations on both your anniversary and the job!

Meg said...

Awe!! Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds! xx

And congrats on the new position. I meant to text you but my phone has been upstairs all day and well...I've been too lazy to make the journey, hehe.

ceelynn said...

Aww yay for you two - Happy Anniversary and excellent news on the job front. Good things happen to good people :)

Rob and Aimee said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!

And a big congrats on the job front. So nice to enjoy going to work every morning; glad it's worked out for ya!