317/365 : What's Next?

As if some of the roads around here were not small enough... you have to share them with parked cars along the side, cyclists, and horse drawn carriages? What's next?

We came home from work to find my provisional license had arrived which means I now get to book my Theory test. I went to the website and I could have booked something within the next couple of days (not the best idea since I haven't really studied) or Wednesday September 2nd. Of course I went with September 2nd.

Now that my test is booked I am hoping it puts my butt into gear to start studying... at least I can hope it does.

High: 64°
Low: 55°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 5:46 AM
Sunset: 8:43 PM

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John said...

Delightful picture. Thank you for sharing it with us.