326/365 : Post Office

Went to the Bolton Post Office today as I need to get some stamps. Was met with a long line.. this was after I had been in it for around 15 minutes. It would not have felt very long but the man behind me was on his mobile phone the entire time and he felt the need to scream into it...

Looks like they are doing some work on the place because the ceiling and wall were all messed up.

Thankfully once I finally got up to the window it was super fast. I took this picture with my iPhone because I as too embarrassed to get my camera out.

High: 63°
Low: 55°
Forecast: Mostly Cloudy
Sunrise: 6:02 AM
Sunset: 8:23 PM

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John said...

Thank you for this "every day life in the UK photo". I luv this typye of photograph.
So what did I see in this picture?
The one man at the window. He looks like he could be in America with his casual attire. Baseball cap, athletic uniform, trainers. Post office is very modern but has security glass. Our PO in the states is very open and therefore has no glass screen. It depends on the neigborhood. Las Vegas would have the bullit proof glass in the banks but not in the post office. Again that would be in some areas such as the inner city.

Meg said...

Sounds like me. I always opt to use the G1 camera so I can be all incognito about taking a photo. Matt gets embarrassed anyway when I whip out the Kodak in the middle of a place like Asda, hehe.