338/365 : Seriously... .79!

So after work Andy and I went into Bolton to go to Hobby Craft as I was out of White DMC Floss. I almost had to be picked up off the floor when I saw that for one DMC Floss color it was .79 each! Are you serious? That is $1.29 per color. Again... Are you serious? Back in the US you can pick up a color for something like .25 each. That is like .15 pence over here, not .79!

The only positive out of the situation is that if you see from the picture I have two whites and two blacks but I didn't realize until I took this picture that I was only charged for three in total... score!

I also had to pick up some Plastic Dots for my finger. When I start stitching a lot the needle really starts to hurt my finger because it is constantly pushing the needle thru the Aida Cloth so you put one of these little dots on your finger where the needle hits and it saves a lot of pain. I was shocked to see that 70 of them were £5.99 because again they cost half that in the US.

Thankfully I have had a search on eBay and when it comes to getting DMC Floss it appears that you can get something like 100 of your choice of colors for £20 which would be something like .20 pence each so that is what I will be doing when I need to stock up. No more Hobby Craft unless it is an emergency purchase!

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Meg said...

FINALLY!! SEE what I MEAN?! I have to donate a kidney just to get some damn floss!!