343/365 : Popular Person

I am feeling much better today. I got a decongestant yesterday and it seems to have done the trick.

Came home from work today to find not one but two missed parcel notes. I have ordered a couple things lately so I think the one on the left may be my fancy schmancy garlic peeler but I am not sure about the one on the right... It is being delivered by Parcel Force and I think things that are shipped over from the US are delivered by them.

My birthday is this Friday... could it be something from my Mom? I guess I will find out on Friday because Andy and I have taken the day off and since our local post office is only open 9-5 that is the only day I will be able to go over to pick it up. Can't wait to find out what it is...

High: 67°
Low: 48°
Forecast: A Little Rain
Sunrise: 6:31 AM
Sunset: 7:43 PM

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geeta said...

Glad you're feeling better!!