346/365 : Happy Birthday To Me!

So today is my Birthday! I had the day off from work and enjoyed a relaxing day and then we made our way to Manchester so that we could eat at the TGI Friday's that is in The Trafford Center. It was yummy!!

In the above picture you can see Manchester just off in the distance, The Trafford Center domes and Chill Factor. One day I am going to have to try out the Chill Factor place! Indoor snow sking, sledging, snowboarding, Tubing and The Luge. Yes I will have to go there one day!

I also got a package from my mom and it was filled with yummy American things that I have been missing.

Now I am going to have to make some Chilli so that I can fully appreciate the Fritos. It's amazing how much I have missed these little salted corn chips! I am also very excited to have some Lipton Iced Tea.

All in all it was a great Birthday!

High: 65°
Low: 48°
Forecast: Partly Cloudy
Sunrise: 6:37 AM
Sunset: 7:36 PM

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Mrs Barker said...

Happy birthday!

I am so jealous of the fritos!! haha
I got a care package from my mom a few weeks ago and she sent a packet of my favorite chili seasoning but it just didn't taste right, it wasn't the same without fritos :)


Kim said...

Happy Birthday! Your package looks great!