356/365 : Mirrors, Mirrors, Mirrors...

So today it started... My driving instructor, Dave, picked me up at the B&B at 9:00am. He drove us out to a quiet area and I took the driver's seat.

We drove around for around 4 hours. What did I learn today? I have some bad driving habits.

I do not check my mirrors enough and I cross my hands when making a sharp turn. Apparently in the UK you MUST check your mirrors before you do anything at all. I understand checking them before you turn, etc.. but if you want to say turn left the order is: Check left mirror, check rear view mirror, turn on the left indicator and then make your turn. You are expected to check your mirror before you turn on your signal! How crazy is that? Before you apply your brakes, before you accelerate, etc..

This is going to be tough.

At 4:30pm all of the people on the course met in the breakfast area downstairs for a crash Theory Test study session. We all thought our test would be on Wednesday but we were told they were in fact going to be tomorrow (Tuesday)! WHAT??

After the crash study session I went back to my room, Andy and I ordered a pizza and I studied until around 12:30am.

This is going to be tough.

High: 56°
Low: 49°
Forecast: Partly Sunny
Sunrise: 6:54 AM
Sunset: 7:11 PM

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