360/365 : Argos

I wanted to get a bookcase for the dining room to put in front of the treadmill to put the TV on. I was looking around at places like Ikea but they were way too expensive. I found a perfect sized one for £17 online at Argos last night so I reserved it for pick up today.

This store is fantastic. You go in and there are a few rows where there catalogues are found. You flip through them and make a note of the item number, or like I did you can reserve online and skip this part. You then go over to Section Two which is payment and you get your receipt and your order number. You then go over to Section Three which is collection.

Somebody from the back brings the item up to the front, they call your number and you collect it.

They don't have to man people in the front to help customers, clean aisles or watch for shoplifters as everything is in the back. This is genius.

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snowelf said...

Congratulations on passing your test!! What a load off!! :)

We need a store like this in the states.


Gloria said...

Yep, Argos is one of our number one stores and I worked a branch in West London a while back when I was a tender 17 years of age. Argos, a British institution!