Year Two 27/365 : Darkness Falls Across The Land...

But the midnight hour is not close at hand! This photo was taken at 5:25pm when we got home from work.

I have always loved when it starts getting darker earlier in the day and I have a theory about it.

When you come home from work on a normal day it is light outside. You go inside cook dinner, etc.. and then it turns dark and you wonder where the time at home has gone and you start to think about going to bed. However... if it is already dark when you get home then you do the same routines but there is nothing to automatically make you think that your night has flown by and that it is already time to go to bed because it is dark outside in turn making it feel like time is crawling by.

That's my theory anyway and I'm sticking to it. Regardless I love this time of year!

High: 57°
Low: 51°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 8:00 AM
Sunset: 5:47 PM

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