Year Two 31/365 : Happy Halloween (American Style)

Here are our Halloween pumpkins this year! I am very glad I brought some pumpkin carving templates with us in the move because you can not buy them over here. Although I was pretty popular at work because of them! There were quite a few people that made copies for their own pumpkins. Which made me happy as it was a way for me to pass on my American Halloween vibe! It will be my mission to get every man, woman and child to celebrate Halloween as we do in the good old U. S. of A.

This was my open invitation to trick or treaters but as the same as last year... nobody came! Ugh.

This is Andy's evil Gargoyle!

I think this is a cute little ghost in a graveyard but Andy says it looks like a goalie ghost trying to save a penalty!

I am also happy to report that the pumpkin seeds have been washed and are now drying so that I can bake them tomorrow. Yummy!

[Side Note: You may notice that I added the tag 'Holiday Non UK' because to me it is just not the same as in the US, but as I mentioned above I am on a mission.]

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Rob and Aimee said...

Why don't they celebrate Halloween?

You'll have to check out the costume I made for RW4. I may have to actually buy him one in the future so I don't completely embarrass him in front of his friends. ;)

snowelf said...

It does kinda look like a goalie ghost! :P Happy Halloween to you guys!!!


Meg said...

Kudos to you for passing around some Halloween cheer!!

Kim said...

My friends in Bath had 52 trick or treaters, so it's definitely catching on over there!

misschicago said...

And we had all of 3 (in one batch) since we got home pretty late: Pokemon, a skeleton and a pirate. (I even remember what they wore!)