Year Two 5/365 : Away Day

This morning I bought tickets for Andy and I to go to the away match against Bolton on October 26th.

Since we had to run to Asda after work... and since Bolton's stadium is right in front of Asda I figured I would take a picture of it. On match day I'll take a picture from inside to share.

Last season Andy went to the Bolton away match but I didn't. However this year should be better for him. The match last season was right after we moved here and he bought a ticket in the Bolton end thinking he wouldn't be able to get a ticket in the Everton away section.

Well Everton ended up winning 1-0 in a last minute goal in stoppage time... Unfortunately he wasn't able to celebrate it too much since he was sitting in the middle of Bolton supporters. Hopefully we win this year and this time the celebrations will not be muffled!

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Anonymous said...

Since ESPN now owns the rights to broadcast British Soccer matches, we get to see them live in the US. I watched a little of the match between Bolton & Tottenham. I was so surprised by how much trash was blowing around on the field. Is that normal?