Year Two 39/365 : Carnie Fun

All I can say is... YUMMY!

Last night Jamie (a fellow expat) and I got onto the subject of funnel cakes. I had found a recipe ages ago so I went out in search for it again. I found the recipe and passed it on... she and her husband made some right then and there and loved them!

I decided to make mine for breakfast and again all I can say is.. YUMMY! I even made one for Andy and he liked it also.

Of course they do not have funnel cakes at carnivals and fairs here but what is it that they always say? If you can't beat them join them? Well that is not my style... I say if you can't beat them... just go and make it yourself!

High: 44°
Low: 36°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 7:23 AM
Sunset: 4:24 PM

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