Year Two 45/365 : And Then A Step To To The Right...

The Rocky Horror Show will be playing at this very theatre in four weeks time... and guess who will be there? That's right... me and some friends from work! YAY!

Everybody gave me their money for their tickets yesterday and the plan was to go to the bank early this morning and then book via Ticketmaster online or over the phone. Well I called Ticketmaster this morning before I went to the bank and they said they were sold out for the Friday and Saturday night show. We didn't mind going on the Monday night but Christian (who we also work with) had tickets to go with a bunch of his friends on Friday night so we thought it would be cool to all be there for the same show. When I mentioned we really wanted Friday the guy on the phone said that if I went to the box office at the theatre itself they would probably have more seats available because Ticketmaster only gets a percentage of them.

So off I went... alone... I know I have been in England for 1 year and 44 days but today was the first time I have taken the train alone. Andy was much more interested in playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare than going into Manchester with me to get tickets for a show he hates. In fact when we were at Beauty and the Beast and I grabbed the leaflet and pointed out it was on his birthday week he asked that his birthday present be me not dragging him to go see this... So cool that is his birthday done and dusted this year.

Anyway... I got there and after having to explain to two different groups of people that there was in fact a line behind me that they needed to stand in I finally made my way up to the window. I explained that I was looking for 4 tickets for Friday December 11th and to my surprise he not only had 4 tickets available but they were in the second row of the circle and looked like excellent seats! I bought them right there and then and walked out very happy.

We are going to have a blast!!

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snowelf said...

There is just something eternally classic about Rocky Horror Picture Show! Have a great time!