Year Two 47/365 : That Is Not My Husband!

Andy finally got around to sending off his old paper Driving License so that they can update his address and be issued one of the new hip pink plastic ones.

Well... we got it back today. I opened the envelope and saw his new paper copy and imagine my surprise when I looked at the plastic one and found it was not his license!


We called the DVLA and they said to just post both copies back to them and they will get it sorted. Well thanks for offering to do what you should have done the first time! Needless to say neither Andy nor myself are very happy about this. If you think about it this means there is a very good chance that Andy's license is now either in the hands of the man above or who knows where. They now have his name, date of birth, address and driver's license number. *ugh*

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Meg said...

This made me laugh because also last week I got a P45 from HMRC. The first of the three pages is mine, but the second two are another person with the same last name, which means she or someone else has MY National Insurance Number.


Good job, HMRC.

misschicago said...