Year Two 62/365 : Safe Arrival

It is official... Meg has opened the gift I made for her, Matt and their little bunny so I can also share photos that I took prior to posting it out to her.

I knew of Meg's love for all things Beatrix Potter so when I was thinking about what to make I was searching for anything Peter Rabbit. I also thought this would be fitting since they have called their little bundle of joy 'bunny' for as long as I can remember.

When I came across a pattern book that had twelve of the cutest patterns that also told a portion of the story I knew it would be perfect for a baby quilt.

I officially started cross stitching it on August 29th and have worked pretty much non-stop on it since then. Meg knew I was making something for her and I kept telling her she would have to keep her legs crossed until I was done as I wanted it to get to her before the little guy's arrival.

Well I made it in the nick of time as she is due next week. You can read what Meg and Matt thought about it here. But to let you in on the secret... they love it! Yay!

I am so glad they love it and it makes me happy to know it is going to be on display in bunny's nursery as a wall hanging.

Her blog about the quilt truly did make me cry. It is amazing how close we have become even though we have never met in person. Meg has quickly become one of my best friends and I am so thankful that even though we live 87 miles from each other we are only a text away. She is the reason for getting the larger texting package on my iPhone! I am so happy for Meg and Matt and their little guy is coming into this world with two great parents and into a home with a lot of love. And Meg I know you are reading this and I know your pregnancy hormones are going crazy so don't start crying... just know that if you ever need anything Andy and I are here for you guys!

Now to the pictures...



As you can see I have blurred out bunny's name. Other than their family and myself (well I am an honorary aunt) the name is being kept a secret until his arrival.

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