Year Two 65/365 : USA USA USA

Saw this on my way into work today... how cute is his little face?

I had to work from 8:30am to 8:00pm. It was a very long day but at least I got to wear jeans for all of it, that made it a bit easier

Tonight was the World Cup draw.. I knew something was up when my mobile started going off with text after text. I finally had a free minute and checked... Here is a sample of some of the messages

"Trust us to get USA"

"We will shi* on the USA. You got to come to the pub for that one"

So as I am sure you can tell... In the first round it will be England v USA. All I can say is...

USA ... USA ... USA

High: 41°
Low: 38°
Forecast: A Couple of Showers
Sunrise: 8:08 AM
Sunset: 3:53 PM

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Anonymous said...

I have lived in the UK for thirty years now (As a long time Arsenal fan I was pleased at the Everton comeback). I will be a bit torn about at the world cup, but more than anything else sooo excited.

Anyway I figure it will be a win-win whatever the outcome!

Peter Bond

Miss America said...

I can't wait to watch this one with the Gent! (Although he is really an Ireland fan, which I think means he will prob be cheering for the USA, too!) USA!

John said...

All them rich English people driving those posh Land Rovers.