Year Two 69/365 : What The Heck?

What is this about?

This car was in front of us on our way home from work. I can't figure out why they have this fake license plate hanging up over the real one.

Andy says he thinks it is so that if they are speeding and get their picture taken by one of the many speed cameras it would not be able to send the ticket to them as their real plate is covered up.

Where is a cop when you need one?

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John said...

I'm surprised Andy didn't give you the correct answer!

The plates are from the vehicle that is towing the wreck

Christine said...

But the car wasn't being towed, it was in perfect working order.

Anonymous said...

These are called "trade" plates. They are used by car dealers, garages etc for insurance purposes i.e. for authorised employees to use when test driving, delivering new vehicles and so on.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the full details but they are called "trade plates" and they are issued to garages. I think the idea is that they can legally move vehicles that are not registered or insured. Somthing like that anyway.

Peter Bond