Year Two 90/365 : What A Mess

Unfortunately I had to go back to work today and Andy had the day off.

I came home to find this. I can see that making the bed when he woke up was not on his list of priorities.

I did mention this to him and he said "Nobody comes over, it is not like anybody is going to see it not made." What a male response. He also has tomorrow off so I can't wait to see if he makes it seeing as how I pointed out to him that I would like to have a nice straightened up bed to come home to.

We shall see.

High: 39°
Low: 33°
Forecast: Periods of Snow and Rain
Sunrise: 8:27 AM
Sunset: 3:58 PM

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geeta said...

Hee! It doesn't look so bad!

Kim said...

Uh, don't come to our house! ;-)