Year Two 92/365 : New Year's Eve

I hate buying light bulbs in England. There are just too many different kinds!

The other day when I was in Asda I picked up the one on the right not realizing that it was the kind that you push in and twist.

Then today when we were at Asda again I made sure to get the kind on the left that screws into place only to find out the base is too large and it still doesn't fit my light fixture. I never had this trouble in America.

Today Andy and I were scheduled to work 8-4 but the company closed at 1pm so that was a nice surprise. Almost all of the supermarkets were closing at 6pm so we ran and did some shopping for tomorrow. My family has always made Ham and Beans on New Years Day and this is something I have always continued so I needed to get everything for it. After we bought some groceries we went to the movies to see Sherlock Holmes. It was very good! I will have to admit it was a little slow at the start but we were both very tired so that might not have helped the situation... It also had an ending that suggested there will be another one which who could say no to another two hours of Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr? Not me that's for sure.

Nothing else really planned for tonight. I talked to my Mom on the phone for a little over an hour to catch up with her over the last week, cross stitched a little, kissed Andy and midnight, watched Eastenders and then went to bed. Boring but very nice.

High: 37°
Low: 30°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
Sunrise: 8:27 AM
Sunset: 4:00 PM

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