Year Two 101/365 : Poor Dog

This is the free Bolton Journal that is delivered through our mail slot every week (even though we would rather not waste the time throwing it away). Even though it says the 7th on it we just got it today, the snow must have slowed them down.

This was the front of it this week.

Is it just me or does this seem a little wrong? I would hope that this outfit has been put on this poor dog via Photoshop but something tells me that the good people at Renault Retail probably don't have the resources or manpower to fake photos.

I do not agree with cruelty to animals in the form of dressing them up in human clothes and this poor dog doesn't look too impressed either.

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Low: 21°
Forecast: Times of Clouds and Sun
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Smocha said...

Guilty of dressing my cats up, but I really wanted to say, I don't think our mail has run ever since it snowed.

That's just wrong :(

Michelloui said...

Poor dog!

I just received something from my family in Minnesota posted on 10 December! That could just be the international gremlins though...