Year Two 105/365 : Work In Progress

European Bistro is coming right along. Wish I had more time to work on it but it's nice to try to make an hour or so a night to pick it up.

Thought I would add a photo of the backside of it also. My Mom always teases me about now neat the backside of my projects are. I think it is the perfectionist in me... I just can't have long threads hanging off the back. If I need to move over say 10 lines I always run it under other stitches rather than just letting it be loose like she does. My Mom may have taught me how to cross stitch but this is one habit I picked up on my own.

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bricarwaller said...

Very pretty. I do think you have a touch of OCD:) I wish I had the patience to do work like that. I'm cringing at making stockings for the boys and they are just felt and beads. Can't wait to see the finished project.

snowelf said...

Wow...that is amazing!!


geeta said...

OMG, you would shudder if you saw the backs of my cross stitches!! Yours is so neat; I am in awe.